Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here and There

Just a little synopsis of what happened while Marc was in California with Brother, 
and I was here at home with the girls.

HERE: I wish I had a picture of me and the girls relaxing... but there wasn't a relaxing moment.

THERE: Relaxing in the hammock after a long drive

HERE: Spending time with friends and cousins. 
Baby love's Uncle Joel's dog, Gunner... there's a special bond there.

MrT had to get on the goggle act with Sister this time around. One of my favorite pictures from the sleepover.
THERE: Spending time with cousins and waterfalls.

THERE: Viewing the grander of the Yosemite National Park Mountains

 HERE: Making mountains out of mole hills...

HERE: Fishing in the water

THERE: Swimming in the water.

HERE: Playing in the park with cousins

THERE: Playing in the pool with cousins.

And this picture is neither HERE nor THERE, but I thought it was funny 
to see Baby putting 2 suckers in her mouth---one for each cheek, I guess!

HERE: Moving Aaron and Chelsea into their new house
Sister was one of the best helpers and made sure to remind me , with a huge smile on her face, that she is, "so sweaty cuz I I'm workin' so hard!"

THERE: Working on the front yard of the California home.

HERE: Wearing some else's (Sister's) dress
(MissB came one night and slept over and she was such a helper. 
We took her straight from moving Aaron and Chelsea to sleep at our house so she got to raid Kelsey's closet.)

THERE: Wearing some one else's hat. 
(This is Grandpa Gary's hat)

So, you see, if you were feeling bad about me not being able to go to California...

But you can see it was all very "comparable."

POP QUIZ: There is Baby in this picture?

 She's underneath that big quilt in the center of the bed. I "lose" her when she does this kind of stuff, she just LOVES tight spaces that she can feel secure and surrounded in.

2 remarks:

Beth H said...

know you try not to use names on your blog...under wearing someone else's dress you use a name in the fine print.

Rachael said...

Thank you Beth, funny because I must have had Kelsey (our niece who lived with us for 7.5 years) on my mind because it was actually Sister's closet we got MissB's dress from.