Friday, July 5, 2013

Brother and Sister, that's all

This is one of those pictures that are one in a million. The moment you are so grateful to have caught on camera. I had my camera out getting ready for a quick shoot and Sister was frustrated with something and Brother was trying to comfort her... aw... seriously! I love the look on Brother's face. Sister's still shows the frustration, but I still love the moment. I want this one enlarged and hanging on my wall.

This black and white one seems to add even more emotion to the moment. I just love it.

Then Brother starts wanting to perform for the camera and Sister doesn't want the physical contact anymore and we end up with shots like this... tee hee hee! Typical at our house really, so I had to throw this one in too.

Sister actually let me take a picture of her. Just one.

Brother wanted in on the paparazzi moment. He asked to see the picture after and said, "Oh, my eye's closed mom, let's try another one." So we did...

He's growing up so much it's just faking me out!

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