Friday, July 19, 2013

Dust Bunnies and Best Buddies

This is what happens when you don't change out your vaccuum bag for a VERY long time.

Ha!! Seriously, Rachael, how long has it been since you last changed your vaccuum bag? Wow! My sweet friend who was volunteering to clean my house was vaccuuming when it suddenly stopped. She came to tell me, a little worried. I reassured her, "Oh, it's probably no big deal. I may have forgotten to change the bag and maybe it overheated." She left and I finished my project and tended to the vaccuum.


I couldn't hardly get the thing open to get the bag out! Wow!

I just had to share that moment with all of you just in case you could relate, find it funny, or just love too look at things that make you shutter.

So now that we are over the dust bunnies, I want to show you some fun pictures of best buddies.

While Marc and Brother were gone on their backpacking trip I stayed at my sister's for a few days just so I would have a little down time and help with the girls. It turned out to be so much fun.

These glasses were a hit with all the girls. I mean, every girl needs her pair of Hollywood Sunglasses, right?

I know, I know. I can't believe my 3-year-old is wearing a Justin Bieber shirt either...
but hey, my mom got it for a quarter at a yard sale and Baby seemed to like the green hearts (smile). Moving on...

Sister was loving all the new and exciting "glasses" Aunt Jessie had around the house. These goggles were her favorite... and just in case you are wondering, no, she is not sheilding her eyes from the wind or sun, she is showing me her Power Ranger stance... smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Night time routines were pretty fun with 5 kids, but I am glad that Uncle Joel snuck this picture of part of it:

On our last day there I got Jessie to paint my fingernails. I haven't had anyone do that since Kelsey lived with us... that's a long time.

and played UNO

I just noticed the little blue creature next to J-man and it struck me as very funny!
Then there's the buddies in the neighborhood...

These two buddies, though, are off again on a Father/Son trip to see Marc's family and have some fun.

Brother is having so many adventures this summer and this is the first time I've ever seen him jump into the deep end of the pool at Grandma's! He truly is changing. Like I told my neighbor the other day, "It's as if when we moved here he was a caterpillar and now he is a butterfly!"

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