Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lifting my Heart

OK, so I had a good talk with my mom yesterday. My spirits are lifted and I think that yesterday began a new step. My mom said I have to write down all the good things I can think of, so I thought I would put them on my blog:

1- I have four fantastic children and one on the way
2- My husband is incredible and handsome
3- I love the gospel
4- I always have prayer
5- My family loves me
6- I canned pickles yesterday
7- I cleaned the top of my dresser yesterday
8- I cleaned out my junk drawer yesterday
9- I got ready this morning before 4's bus came
10- I have almost all my design work done and 4 won't even be home for another hour
11- I have design work to do
12- I am having fun writing these positive things down
13- I found a really awesome song on Pandora and bought it on iTunes today because it was only 99¢
14- Then I found it on Youtube so I could share it with you all
15- I cooked the hamburger meat for tacos yesterday so I wouldn't have to cook it today and dinner would be quick and easy
16- My mom brought over her bottled tomato soup yesterday so I get to do that for dinner one night
17- My brother and sister-in-law gave me their bounce house!!!!!!
18- My family all live close right now, pretty much
19- My brother-in-law said he will be coming here to visit soon
20- We got a new horse
21- We are keeping our two baby goats, and they are so much fun
22- I have good and thoughtful friends
23- My youngest sister is coming to visit this weekend and bringing her awesome boyfriend
24- My mom's Halloween party is this weekend and that is always a blast
25- I only have ten weeks left before I get to see our baby girls face!

here is a picture of me at 30 weeks
26- I LOVE LIFE!!!!

OK, that is enough to put you all through. But, I do hope you got a chuckle out of some of them. It is funny what can make moms happy, isn't it.

I wanted to post this link for this song sung by Kenneth Cope called "Come To Jesus"

I think I liked it because it reminded me that I am not doing this on my own and that I really do need to rely on Him more than I have been. Anyway, hope it cheers up your day or lifts your heart.

4 remarks:

Anonymous said...

yep I You look so beautiful at 30 weeks :o)

Ethington Family said...

I agree with the first comment, you do look beautiful! I am glad to see your list is so long. We definitely have blessings around us, but sometimes it is hard to see past the challenges to take note. I am happy to see that you did that, maybe I'll make my own list :) Take care and have a great day!

Kirsten Amelia said...

Heh. I like #23 best! And your joyful pictures ha!

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks