Monday, September 7, 2009

Guess you had to be there!

So umm, where do I begin. I don't know... my family is just hyper, and so is Marc sometimes. So when he gets creative it gets funny. My mom had this doll car with the dolls sitting in it and Marc saw this as a funny thing and started re-enacting our first date. It was hilarious—it just spun off from there as we began using the dolls to re-enact various things—man, it was funny. Even Joel joined in with one of his famous roles. Joel got some good pics of the fun. As you can tell, I thought it was hilarious. So try to laugh, even though, to really enjoy this post you just had to be there!
Look at us all gathered around to watch the show. Maybe I can get Marc to perform for some of you at one of the talent shows...

See, it was funny!
(Whoa, I think I have a horse mouth, or maybe just really big teeth... hmmm...)

I mean, doesn't that just look like Marc and me? (smile)

4 remarks:

julianne orth said...

i have always thought i have a horse mouth too, we must be related or something :)

Kirsten Amelia said...

Ha ha nice! And it didn't even scare Jeremy away!:)

Joel and Jessie said...

The real story is that Marc and I felt left out as the family shared their musical talents. I encouraged Marc to share his talent and he became the light of the party. Ventriloquistism is every bit as entertaining as singing!!!

April said...

yehahha Horse mouth!! LOL Your so pretty! You guys are so funny and fun to hang out with.. I wish i was there!