Friday, August 22, 2008

My Brother's Wedding

My brother is married!! He has such a wonderful new wife--they are so happy. It was such a beautiful wedding in ivory, lime green and brown--it looked so nice. They had a icecream sundae bar--that was such a great idea!

Here are a few snapshots from the wedding.

12 and my sister, Kirsten smilin' it up!

Aaron just chit-chatting--isn't the brown tux cool!?
My grandma even came to the reception! So awesome!

Cutting the cake!
Aaron looks a little mischevious...
But, they were nice.
Here is 16 after she caught the bouquet... well, I shouldn't say that she caught it, she actuall picked it up off the floor after she and all the other girls watched it fly over their heads.
Me and the new bride.

Why are 2 and 8 not in any of these pictures? Well, let me give you the short story...

They had really had it by the end of the day after the wedding at the temple and the pictures at the temple, and then hanging out with everyone waiting for the reception.

When we took them for the pictures before the reception I could tell it would be a miracle if they both made it through to the end of the night. First of all I noticed when we first walked into the reception to get pictures that 2 had a stinky diaper so I take her and the diaper bag into the bathroom to change her quick because the were waiting for us. Well, to my surprise, her brand-new-never-been-worn-made-special-for-the-wedding-ivory dress had poop (yes I said poop) all over the inside of it, from waist to bottom. I am baffled as to how to clean this up as I only have 10 wipies and no extra brand-new-never-been-worn-made-special-for-the-wedding-ivory dress! So, I did my best. Tried to hold back my horror, throw-up and tears and waltz "happily" into the reception area. Luckly the stain didn't show through the dress but, she stunk really bad. What do you do? We had to get pictures! Anyway, as the night went on the stench of the dress faded but her anxiety did not. Between 8's crying and hiding from everyone and 2's clinging and pinching me I was about ready to lose it. Finally 2 decided she could live without me for a minute so I let her roam to give me freedom...then I heard the scream of terror. No, not 2's--it was my cousin Amber's daughter, little daughter! Aaaaahhh! Oh, I was so sad I tried to apologize and still keep my sanity and stay calm so I took 2 immediately to let her know that it was wrong to squeeze and push little kids, not to mention it isn't nice to pinch their faces. As soon as I regained composure I went over to my cousin to apologize and make sure her daughter was alright, as I was standing there, my aunt who was right behind her started talking to me so I turned from Amber and began talking to my aunt. All of a sudden I hear another scream of terror and again it is from my cousins little girl because 2 has a firm grip on her face! (Sorry Amber.)

Needless to say that was when Marc took 2 and 8 home so that I could stay the rest of the night at my brother's wedding.

Other than that little spurt in the night, it was fabulous. (smile)

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Ethington Family said...

That is great Aaron is married. How tall is that kid? He looks very tall, and yes very handsome in his tux. I am sorry for the pooh mess- no fun. Glad you had a fun night anyway though.

Rochelle said...

Wow I had no idea all that was going on:)! It was a great wedding!

Suzy said...

Too funny. The tie that 12 is wearing is the same as the tie that my boys wore for my sister's wedding at the beginning of the summer. And, for our wedding we had an ice cream bar. They must be some smart family you got there!