Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fragile X Association of Utah Picnic

At our house!!

We quite a good turn out. It was great because we had some new members come. She has a daughter with Fragile X who is 4 so it is going to be great to have someone I can talk to about her experiences with a young one.

Anyway, it went well, with the horse riding and the bounce house and all the great food! Thanks to Kathy and Burgandi it was a great success. The flies weren't cooperating but, non-the-less, it was great. We were so happy to host it!

Here are some clips.

The banner was set up in front of our house.

We used our friends tables along with ours for all the food and participants.

One of the Dad's of someone with FXS relaxing on the bounce house.

Boy with FXS riding Puzzle--it was is first time to ever be on a horse and he loved it!

The bounce house was so much bigger than I pictured. It was so awesome, it had aan obstacle course, slide, bounce area and basketball hoop inside.

8 had a blast jumping and sliding--all the kids did--young AND old.

One of our seasoned FXS riders getting ready to go, he was so cute!

Our friends really helped make out picnic a success. Here is one of them BBQing hamburgers and hotdogs, and most of the pictures were taken by his wife. Thanks guys!

8 on Blue.

My dad had fun helping out too. And Marc's dad also took some of the pictures.Marc is so handsome and so sweet, he spent his whole day leading horses and putting kids on and off them. He is such a great support.

One of the FXS boys had so much fun he fell asleep right in the middle of it all.

16 and our friends little girl on the bounce house.

3 remarks:

Landon Andrew said...

This is awesome! Too bad I don't live in Utah! Miss ya!

Suzy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. That is SOOO nice of the "L" family to help you out. Good neighbors!

Kirsten Reimschiissel said...

This was such a cool event! It's crazy to be such a part of something like this Association.
I love all your new posts! I miss all you guys. You def should show 16 my blog:) I miss Mr. Flake, too. Ha ha. Good times. But yes, I've never felt more watched over. He is very mindful of me, especially at this time. Love ya!