Friday, August 22, 2008

2 is now 3

No, I have not changed the numbering system... my daughter turned 3!

She really had no concept of a birthday, so it wasn't like she was asking about presents all day or anything. I wasn't even sure she would enjoy opening presents--but, when it came time she was very excited, mostly about the purple Carebear that Marc and I gave her.

It was great to have most of the family there for the celebration.

Here is 3 opening her favorite present, I just did a short clip--I said her name several times so I had chop it up but, I hope you get the idea, it was so funny.

Here are some snap shots of my brother on 12's stilts and a fun shot of him and 3 on the tramp, it explains why 3 looks like and orphan in the video--I really do fix her hair!

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Ethington Family said...

How cute!! What a fun birthday party. I love that color on you.