Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Have I Learned?

So... I'm 40 years old now!


4 - 0 

Ya. So.

What have I learned in forty years?

Do you want to know?

Well, guess what, you are in luck because I am going to write it all right here in this post...




I can't tell you all that I've learned, that's just too much.

Since, I'm 40, I'll give you 40 of the top things I've learned in 40 years.

1)  Find joy!
      If you can't find it right away, search it out, hunt for it, take it and hold on to it.

2)  Don't let yourself be offended.
     Try to understand that not everyone understands your situation or others' situations and because of their lack of knowledge they may say or do the wrong thing. Let it go.

3)  Don't judge.
     You don't understand everyone's situations. Give them the benefit of the doubt and just love them anyway.

4)  Give compliments.
     Everyone, no matter who they are, the status they are in, the abilities they have or the confidence they exude deserve the chance to hear great things about themselves.

5)  Sing out loud more!
     There's a reason why singing in the shower is something everyone understands.

6)  Dress up.
     Who says you have to have somewhere to go just to get dressed up, do your hair and even do your make-up (if that's what you do)? Your spouse deserves to see you at your best, your kids do, the random door-to-door salesperson would love to see you look fantastic, and, trust me, the grocery store run in your sweats and no make-up is just destiny to run into your high school flame.

7)  Throw parties!
     It doesn't have to be your birthday, a holiday or even Fragile X Awareness month, you should have parties! Everyone needs them and they don't have to be big! Have a simple game night with friends and neighbors and call it a party and it will be!

8)  Smile!
     It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile—that means you have to work harder to look sad. Why work so hard for something that doesn't help anyone feel better? Save yourself the work and smile more.

9)  Give hugs.
     It makes both the giver and the receiver happier to see each other!

10)  Develop your talents!
       This gives you the ability to love life, serve others, have pride in yourself and be humbled with what you have been blessed with.

11)  Buy second-hand!
       It's like a treasure hunt overtime, it's an environmentally friendly thing to do, and it benefits others.

12)  Be kind and talk with your parents.
       You'd be surprised how fast time goes by and you don't want to regret not having enough time.

13)  Say, "I love you."
       People you love need to know you love them by word and deed. This applies especially to your spouse and children.

14)  Play in the snow!
       Build a sculpture, make an igloo, make footprints, catch snowflakes on your tongue, tromp in it, make snow angels.

15)  Don't drive distracted!
       Just don't.

16)  Pray often.
       Whether it is a prayer in your heart, out load, in song, or on a mountain top, take the time to pray.

17)  Keep learning.
       There is always something to be learned, someone who is teaching it, somewhere to learn and so many ways to learn it.

18)  Don't plan your life.
       You might be disappointed when it doesn't go as planned or you may blame yourself.

19)  Enjoy the ride.
       It's a long one, you might as well have a good attitude about it.
20)  Stay calm.
       If you can stay calm, maybe others around you will follow suit.

21) Do something that scares you.
      You'd be thrilled to know the doors this can open for you.

22)  Write in a journal.
       This is for your benefit and those who love you. 

23)  Eat good food.
       For me, this means healthy food, but I don't forget to enjoy great food that might not be so healthy too. Taste is a sense for a reason.

24)  Pick flowers and put them in a vase in your house.
       Having a little bit of outside lets the sunshine in too.

25)  Wear sensible shoes.
       The back pain, knee issues and sprained ankles just aint worth it ladies!

26)  Give things away.
       If you don't need it, it takes too much room, or it is not loved—give it away to someone who will enjoy it or need it. 

27)  Hold the door for someone with their hands full.
       Literally or figuratively.

28)  Learn how to roller-skate!
       Trust me, there's just something about roller-skating.

29)  Have faith.
       In yourself, others, and God.

30)  Buy those clip-on toilet bowl cleaners.
       Take advantage of the things that can make your life easier, especially when it comes to cleaning a toilet.

31)  Stay in touch with your siblings!
       Life gets busy. Keep your relationship strong with your siblings even if it's only text to let them know you are thinking of them.

32)  Love your kids unconditionally!
       Because they deserve it.

33)  Praise more than you criticize.
       Each person is hard enough on themselves without your critique. If you have to give a critique make sure you give double the praise.

34)  Don't spit in the wind!
       Trust me,  just don't. Ew.

36)  If the kids are too quiet, there is something wrong.

37)  Pick up the Legos.
       It doesn't matter if you are teaching children that you will clean up for them, it is worth it if you have to go into their room in the middle of the night or, heck, if you have to walk into their room at all. *#@&!! It's better that they learn you'll clean up legos for them than to learn the words that will fly out of your mouth if you step on them.

38)  Swim with children.
       Yep, I said "children" not "dolphins. (I would think that would be fantastic too) Don't just sit on the side of the pool getting a tan with your designer suit, stylish hat and sunglasses flashing dirty looks at the kids splashing water on you. Get in there and swim with them. They'll love you more for it and they'll have fabulous memories with you.

39)  Be mostly honest.
       Honesty is always the best policy, unless the honesty damages someone's self-esteem or self-worth, then kindness is a better policy.

40)  Throw your own 40th Birthday Bash!
       Don't wait around waiting for someone to celebrate you. You celebrate you! You're not too bad!

I hope you were able to chuckle and were even enlightened by some things I've learned, but now I just have to share the highlight of my 40th birthday!

Rachael's 40 and Fabulous Masquerade Ball!

I made all the decorations, the signs, the photo props and the icicle light chandeliers and then friends helped me get it all up to make the room look fantastic. Our friend did music and his brother even brought his live band for a part of the night. It was epic!

Me and the "DJ"

Life is good so I just had to celebrate it big! So happy I did. It made so many people smile!

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