Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A fresh future... shower fresh

"I already put my deodoroid on."

I love hearing stuff like that.

It may sound weird to you, but I know that that means Sister put her deodorant on all by herself.

You know how I wrote about our trip to the Recreation Center and how hard it was last week?

Well, I have an update for you: We went last night again and it was a success!

By success I mean that Brother only yelled at me before and after school about not swimming ever again, but, luckily the morning rant was right before he got on the bus so it didn't last long and the afternoon rant did not involve any physical harm... unless hurting my eardrums counts... Sister only had a mild panic/hyper attack for 10 minutes and Baby is still small enough to wrestle into her swimsuit without either of us getting hurt.

Then when we got in the car Brother protested loudly at the beginning and then his protests became more subdued as the drive went on.

This time I had Marc drop me and the kids off at the entrance before finding a parking spot. That helped the meltdowns to not be quite as extreme as last time, but made for an interesting topic of curious conversation, I am sure, as I huddled together was would seem like 3 wild cats stuck in a room full of dogs.

We all got in and out of the locker rooms without a hitch and swimming commenced.

Brother even ran into one of his friends from his class last year. He is graduated now and according to Brother, he is engaged now... that brought up a whole new set of feelings for Marc and I. I'll touch on that later.

I had bought some goggles for myself, Brother and Sister and it made for a great time as I hate getting water in my eyes so the goggles were great! We played shark... well, I played shark and Sister and Baby begged me to stopped chasing them and grabbing at their ankles... I couldn't help it. I was so happy to be out as a whole family 2 weeks in a row! We even lasted a whole hour this time!

Baby had to take a little break and decided to discover the fun things about Instagram.

On our way home was when Brother informed us that he thinks his friend from school last year is engaged. Marc and I were slightly taken back as we weren't expecting this kind of news from a kid that was coming from Brother's Special Needs/Life Skills class.


For real?

We couldn't help, but wonder if he was really engaged or just mistaking dating with engagement.

Would Brother ever get engaged?


I don't think I could handle it if he did.

I try not to think too much about his future or ours because it gets overwhelming.

Today, though, I have to start to face it as I go to the attorney's office to talk over future planning for our kids and legal guardianship and such.

I had to cancel last week because of weather, but today the sun is shining and I hope it continues to shine to give me the uplift I'll need today to face something hard, to face something inevitable, to face the future.

It's so interesting to take into consideration who we trust with our children. It's not a typical, "oh, they like them and we love them and it will be good," it's more of a "are they willing to take on 3 special needs kids and will they treat them well and teach them well and love them as much as we do?"

You have to give a lot of thought to the "burden" our children may be for others.

Yes, of course, you stay positive, but I also have to be honest. Taking on 3 children with special needs if you haven't done it their whole lives can be intimidating.

This is where Marc and I find so much peace and hope for our kids. We have so many options we trust and love and know love our kids.

So, here I go, off to look at Our Life's future.

I'm a bit nervous so I better remember to put on my deodoroid!

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