Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Unexpected and Welcomed

Beautiful sunsets in January
Hiking with my hubby on a spur of the moment date

Baby realizing that the electric candle made into a snowman ornament made a great campfire for her ponies.

Baby teasing dear friends.

Going on a great snow shoe trip with my husband and my two uncles

Me worrying that Sister wouldn't like my homemade Christmas gift enough and then realizing that she doesn't even believe that I made it and that it was Santa's elves who made it special just for her.

Doing an entire jigsaw puzzle just me and my dad

Brother making jokes with the assistant at the dentist office even though he was terrified

Lunch dates with Marc while the kids are at school on his days off

Yaya, my niece, being one of my biggest fans
Having Sister finally come to my play even though she was terrified to, all thanks to thoughtful friends.
The friends who are the reason Sister can do almost anything lately

Jerry telling me I'm a "great little actress"

Sister wanting to get a picture with snail
and Lady Bird

An Amazingly Epic first start to Sister's Days beginning at Wendy's

Becoming part of something new and exciting involving people and a place I love!

Our girls wanting to write their own Valentines

Baby smiling while I'm doing her hair for school and even taking a picture of it

I am so thankful for technology that allows me to capture so many unexpected moments!

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