Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not married

Baby is talking so much lately!

It's been great!

Just like Sister and Brother, though, there are some things she says that take some contemplation and reflection.

Since she doesn't always know the words to fully explain herself, you get more of a metaphor or symbolic explanation.

Sounds confusing?

Well, it is.

I experienced an especially funny one with her this morning at the end of her morning shower.

She was done so I got her towel to start drying her off, but before I could do so she said, "I marry."

I was confused and she could tell so she started to point to her head and arms while saying, "I marry."

Me, being the sentimental blubber that I am, I almost started to cry because I thought, "oh no! This is it. She's realizing she wants to get married some day. How do I explain this to her that this may not be a possibility? Oh for Pete's sake, what am I freaking out about... she's seven! Seven!"

My mind continued to wander in this ridiculous and frantic thought process when the thought came to me what her towel looked like that we'd been using this week. It's white with a hood...

Oh, she is telling me, "I Mary." She thinks she looks like Mary when she has her towel on after her shower! Oh my goodness!

So I show her that my thought process finally aligned and I said, "Oh, yes, you want to be Mary like in the Nativity."

She beamed with happiness that I had figured out what she meant.

It was so adorable.

She even put it back on after being dried off and dressed and got her baby dolls and put them in the cradle.

I am amazed at how I am able to figure out some of the things our kids say.


It's such a funny world to live in that your child finally speaks, yet you still can't understand them.

I wanted to post about this, but just had to have a picture so I asked Baby while she was riding on her rocking horse if she would put her Mary towel on so I could take a picture of how cute she is. She was NOT happy about this, but for whatever reason, she obliged.

This is her I'm-being-forced-to-act-happy-about-this-situation smile.
I guess that her having the chance to play the baby Jesus for the family Christmas Nativity really stuck with her...

Good times.

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