Monday, January 16, 2017

No more twisted legs!

"Mom, we can't have any more twisted and broken legs."

Brother announced that to me this morning as I was hopping/hobbling around the kitchen to get meds for the kids and other things they needed.

I replied, "It's not broken. It's just sprained."

"That's what I said... no more twisted legs!"

Then Avery pipes in, "Ya, mom! Your foot is all swollened! I can't look at it mom. You can't do that again."

Sound advice from my kids.

I wish I could abide by their advice and not get hurt, but I think it's just my lot in life.

I joke a lot that if something is going to happen it will happen to me.

I've been feeling pretty amazing that I haven't had any stitches, injuries or surgeries since last Spring when I finally was given the OK about the broken bone in my foot.

I mean, heck, I've been having fun the last 8 months! (And I am going to warn you that these are not in order because I want to be lazy and just leave them as is, so if you are a chronological guru, just skip the pictures altogether.)

family vacation

family back pack trip

Lots of hiking excursions you'll see throughout

Backpacking with my hubby and friends

Volunteering at the kids' summer camp (this day was a swim day) 

Backpack trip with my son, hubby and friends

rock climbing with the kids

first time paddle boarding this year was on the Provo river! Loved it! But didn't love that I lost Marc's GoPro camera.

rock climbing

nature photography

van life!

Dry tooling!


Trip with the kids to explore and hike

Being in a play at the SCERA

Actually being in the play... and now I am thankful I had the first week of the run uninjured...

I've had a good run.

But, it does make me laugh that I never got injured on any of these adventures, but when we decide to take walk to Bridal Veil Falls on the paved path covered in snow I take a little miss step and "ta da" I have a high ankle sprain.

I'm kinda tough though because I walked on it for 4 hours before finally deciding that "walking it off" wasn't helping so we went to the instacare.

Now, I'm not saying all these adventures went by without a mishap... that would be miraculous... remember... I'm accident prone. I just didn't have anything major happen that made me have to stop being active.

I fell into water, scraped my knees, cut up my hands, almost dropped my husband 20 feet, bumped my head, dropped an ice ax, got my shirt or pant loop hooked on a door handle several times while walking through a doorway, slipped on my own shoelaces, dropped a few things on my head, bumped into walls, tried to go threw closed glass doors and got so scared I fell on the floor... twice.

My kids are always the first to tell me, "Don't do that again, mom."

Of course Sister LOVES telling me, and everyone else, what to do and more often than not she gets her way. She gets her way for 1 of 3 reasons: a) She screams the loudest;  b ) she is NEVER wrong; c) she made us laugh so we give in!

It's especially funny when she is trying to get mad at us, but keeps using the wrong word.

Then there's Baby who has the cutest chipmunk voice that I'm almost to the point that I don't care what she says, I just love hearing it.

Oh Brother! Yep, Brother. He loves me. A lot. I'm thankful for that. He tries to mother me often by telling me what I shouldn't do, but it's even funnier when he tells me what I shouldn't be making him do, "Mom, I am having too much anxiety today. I don't think you should let me go."

Tee hee! I'm thankful for those little things.

And, depending on how my foot does, I may have more advice to give you in a later post.

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