Friday, September 5, 2014

They were here!

It was so much fun to celebrate Sister's birthday with the family, right on her birthday!

It worked out really nice because Daniel and his family were still here, Lynne and Gary weren't vacationing in California and Bryan (our nephew) even came with his girlfriend!

Sister couldn't have been happier to have almost all of our families there to shower her with PokéMon cards and notebooks with markers! She really is fun to watch when she gives each excited reaction to the gift she receives. I have to say, though, that I think, this year Bryan was the favored gift giver! He gave Sister 5 packs of Pokemon cards! It was so cute. She was so excited and immediately went and got her book of cards so he could check out her collection with his gifts added to it.

We really just hung out and ate dinner and played a few games.

It was a very low key evening, but I think that Sister appreciated the calm after the storm of her party the day before...

I just want to share a few of the pics I took that day.

Seeing these pictures of my brother and his family sure makes me miss having him around.

My siblings and parents and I are really close so it is hard to be so far away from each other, so the moments we get to spend together we try to catch up on as much as possible. We're not the type of family to go do extravagant activities. We, honestly, just enjoy each other's company and  talking and laughing and singing together. We just keep it simple, I guess. To some this may seem boring to just sit around in a room and enjoy being together just to be... but that's us. Maybe part of that bond has something to do with the fact that our mom always reminded us that if we couldn't get along with each other then we couldn't have any friend time, or she'd say that our friends are not eternal like our family is... So I guess we just learned to "be"

We've made some of our best family memories just sitting around the kitchen table at Mom and Dad's house. It doesn't take much to keep us happy when we are all together.

Grandma plays the Guitar while Motley pacifies himself with a bottle of bubbles...

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