Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2 Mormons, 2 Greeks and a German go to Vegas...

Have you ever heard of the Red Bull BC One?

Have you ever heard of a B-Boy?

This was all pretty new to me a few years ago.

Our friend Thomas is the owner/creator of Six Step in Germany. He has been involved in dancing since he was very young and turned it into his livelihood. He is also the founder and creator of "Battle of The Year."

Have you ever seen that movie. It came out in the last few years and it is about Thomas' Battle of the Year. Anyway, cool show and it is fun to see our good friend in it too!

So what does the Battle of the Year have to do with 2 Mormons, 2 Greeks and a German going to Las Vegas?

Well, because of how cool Thomas is for creating "Battle of the Year" he also is in charge of Red Bull BC One. That is Red Bull's B-boy competition.

And it just so happens that the qualifier for the North American B-boy was in Las Vegas this year!

Thomas invited us as his guests to come see the event and hang out with him again, and boy did he ever treat us as guests! He booked us the most amazing hotel room Marc and I had ever been in. It was huge and amazing and huge and now I have been spoiled and don't know that any hotel will ever seem the same to me again...

We also met his other awesome friends, from Greece, Tolis and Georgia!

The 5 of us hung out everyday of the 4 days we were there. We made quite a crew! Between, the German and Greek accents and the American's slang and terminology it made for quite a comic routine with a whole lot of,

"What was that?"

"What did you say?"

"What does that mean?"

"How do you say that again?"

"I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means..."

It was so fun to see Thomas again. It doesn't feel like we live so far away when we get to see him twice in a year's time.

Yep. It's blurry. Thanks for letting me know...
This is actually the 3 of us outside the venue for the B-boy competition.

It was also so much fun to meet our new friends.

They were "da bomb!" (That's old school, Tolis and Georgia, for "You are so epically awesome!")

But we also got to meet a lot of the B-boy dancers and Red Bull staff! That was awesome! I have to admit I was a bit star struck when I got to meet Neguin (who has danced in Madonna's shows and is in a few Red Bull commercials!) and his girlfriend (who was Madonna's yoga instructor) and to see how humble and kind they were to Marc and I—perfect strangers excited to meet people from the B-boy world. (And we never even got a picture with him... dang it!)

We also got to meet Morris, who was one of the dancers in the "Battle of the Year" movie and was one of the competing B-boys in this RedBull BC One competition. He was very nice too.

We met numerous others and I was always equally amazed at their humility and excitement about break dancing. I guess when I think of break dancing I always have a rougher, gruffer, gangsta kind of thing in my mind about what the people are like.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

At least about the many that I had the privilege to meet.

It was also awesome to find out too, that Neguin is from Brazil and with Marc having gone on his LDS mission to Brazil they were able to talk about some of the towns and areas they both knew and had lived. It was fun to watch Marc reminisce and get excited about being able to relate with some one on Brazil. It was also interesting to watch Neguin become so "human" in my minds eye and not just a B-boy star.

Maybe all of that sounds weird, but I really was expecting a lot of cocky, bad-mouthed young kids and what I found were hard-working, dream-driven, strong-willed and talented individuals.

The stereotype in my mind's eye was changed. I am sure there are those who still fit the stereotype and I do think that the stereotype of break dancing itself takes on that persona, but we have to remember that we are all just humans reaching for our dreams and most of us have a good heart and the right approach to getting there.

I watched a young man from, I think he said, Virginia, as he saw some of his B-boy dancing idols and he walked up to them and started asking some questions about dancing and I just assumed they would give him a quick answer and brush him off... but what I saw was 2 of the most well-known B-boys, RoxRite and Neguin (who were also the judges for the competition) start to encourage, teach and inspire a young boy who wants to do what they do. I even watched them, hands on, teach him how to stand up on his hands after a certain move.

After witnessing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff I started to understand our friend, Thomas more and why he is so passionate about break dancing and the people who are involved in it. I see how the hard work and hard times can humble a person and that, hopefully, those life experiences keep them humbled.

I was also excited to see our friend, Stéphane, again and to see his show KÁ for the second time. I love that show!

It was also fun to see the excitement that Stéphane had about the BC One Competition as that was what he also did at one time before he started performing at KÁ.

But it was also just amazing to enjoy time with old and new friends in a place that may seem a bit crazy but really does celebrate talent.

I'll leave you with some pictures...

 The view from our room morning and night.

We also got to see our friend, Ronnie, again (with the JABBAWOCKEEZ). We went to go check out his dance studio and say hello. The big huge vehicle pictured above was parked in front of Ronnie's s

Thomas thinks he's funny... Thanks for taking our picture... Pppffth!

Oh, I'm sorry Thomas did we cut off half your face? Who does that?

 I guess Marc and I are just gonna keep trying to get "that shot"

Nailed it! ...

Johnny Depp seemed so bothered that I was leaning on him to get a great picture, I guess we had just met and it may have been awkward for him to have a beautiful mommy blogger hanging at his side... I have that affect on some people.
He's a lot quieter in person than I thought he would be...

We got burgers at Guy Fiery's place. We all seemed to be pretty happy about that...

Then our food came and we just couldn't believe our eyes! I still don't know how they all ate their burgers.

I went out on a limb and got a salad, kind of second guessed my decision when those massive burgers came out to play!

That burger is nearly the size of his head!

Tolis looks on as Marc snaps an awkward picture of me in front of the High Roller ferris wheel. That thing is gigantic!

Marc gets a pic with one of the judges for the BC One Battle and poster boy for the event, Roxrite. He is such a nice guy. (His wedding was the reason we met up with Thomas in San Diego last year.)

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

 Marc was having fun getting a few night shots as we strolled around the walkways.

Late night run to the Cheesecake Factory... Tolis and Thomas were so excited!

Because it's boring just to look at the view from our room suite window...

My back got REALLY bad on our second night there and I wasn't able to sleep or get my pain under control, so come that morning I just wasn't up for walking around Vegas. So Marc and Thomas ventured out on their own for the first part of the day.

These are the beautiful copy-cat ceiling in our hotel.

Thomas' Japanese tourist pose from Neuschwanstein Castle... he he, memories!

These next three selfies give me a bit of a laugh... love you Marc!

Marc and Thomas checking out the view while waiting for me to get ready to participate the rest of the day.

I took this picture for Brother

I'm amazed at the decoration that goes into some of these hotels and malls in Las Vegas!
(Check out Thomas posing in the background... he he he!)

I love when Marc takes pictures of me eating... it's so ladylike, so flattering, so..... aaargh!

Bon appetite!

Seriously Marc, another one?

OK, OK, you don't have to ask me twice!

After lunch we toured around a bit with Georgia and Tolis until it came time to get ready for the big gig!

And here we are at the B-boy competition! The Brooklyn Bowl!

We even got to stand in the VIP line and get our tickets to be escorted upstairs.

The stage set-up and lighting were so amazing!

Georgia is trying out the "PINK" look.

Tolis and his swagger

Do I have anything in my nose? What the... I'm so glad I tipped my head back for this one...

And this one would have been perfect!

 After the competition we met up with Morris, the one I put at the first

While Thomas talked to Morris, Marc and I were able to meet Kareem. He was such a nice guy and even invited the 2 of us to the Cirque Du Soliel show he is in, LOVE (the Beatles)! What! Thanks Kareem, we are excited to take you up on that one! Sorry the picture is so blurry... maybe Marc was tired.

Thanks Thomas for being key in this friend get together and for treating Marc and I to the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at.

Have I ever mentioned how blessed Marc and I are in Our Life?

If not, then I should be ashamed.

We are so blessed in so many ways and by so many people.

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