Monday, September 22, 2014

Successful Fails

So I have figured out away to never fail.


It's quite simple.

You just have to always succeed.


How is that possible?

It's all in the wrist... just kidding...

It's all in the attitude.

I'm not kidding.

I fail a lot.

And I do mean a LOT.

It gets me down sometimes.

Even discouraged.

Sometimes even down-right depressed.

But after today's Successfully failed photo shoot with my children I have decided that failure (as far as life challenges go) is all in the eye of the beholder.

Let me use these photos to explain:

This photo of Sister is a success after many failures at trying to get her to smile "normal" after realizing I forgot to change my aperture. So she started off successfully, but I had failed in my photography skills for a moment and missed the success.

Instead of giving up, I kept on keeping on... even when she was fine with failing herself:

OK, smile Wrong aperture.

Her real smile! Wrong aperture.

A little forced...

A little worried...

maybe she needed to go to the bathroom...

There! Got it! It's not perfect, but it's success!

Brother didn't take quite as long because he is older and has done this a million times so it is all old hat to him. He had a few squints and moments of looking away but we had a few good ones to choose from.

Looking away... and his handy apple is making an appearance.



too cutesy...

Ahh. Perfect!

Then there was Baby ...

The first 10 minutes were this:

So I gave her a break to hang with daddy for a bit before trying again...

 We still had lots of crying and then, our friend and neighbor, Amanda handed Baby her iPhone...

Goofy smiles, not looking at the camera and a purple iPhone in the pic...

Epic fails...



I'm keeping these for her school pictures because it captures her personality in all it's glory!


complete success.

This is how I have to approach life.

Have to.

I think I would be too depressed to face my successes if I wasn't able to accept my failures.

Maybe right along with yelling, "Nailed it!
when I succeed, I will start yelling,

"Failed it!"

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