Friday, November 22, 2013

Writer's Block...

I was going to write about this…

I even started on what I was going to write about it… see…

Have you ever seen Disney's Dumbo?

When I was drawing this on my neighbors driveway I found out that there are some kids out there that have never seen the movie "Dumbo."

At first I was like, "What?"

And then I was like, "Oh, ya, I'm old… and so is the movie."

There's so many things… (that's where it ended)

That was about a week ago.

I don't even know where I was going with it… I mean, I know somewhat, but it just never came.

So I just haven't written.


I didn't know what to write.

It's not that my life hasn't had tons to write about, I think, it's just that I can't seem to express all that I am feeling lately.

Marc is off camping and the kids are asleep, so I thought I would take a stab at trying to write things down again.

Facebook has been flooded with "Thankful" posts.

I want to join the bandwagon, but at the same time I don't want to be a follower… I guess.

I am so thankful for so many things.

We all should be.


If you want to get depressed, think of all the wrong that has been done to you, all the wrong that is in the world, all the wrong you might do if you make the wrong decision, etc.

If you want to pull yourself out of being depressed you really have to think of all the fantastic things going on in your life.

Look at the bright side.

I guess that's why it is such a great thing to have Thanksgiving as a Holiday, it teaches us to reflect and see all the blessings we are surrounded by each and every day. Big or small. Thankfulness in our hearts for all that we DO have and all that we DO know.

So bring on the thankful posts everyone! Being thankful can help you stay positive!

Here are my examples that I jokingly and seriously remind myself of sometimes.

All 3 of your children have Fragile X Syndrome, ADHD and Autistic like behaviors
Because all 3 of your children have FXS you are strong willed and 
determined to make theirs and your life better. (And they make you, and others, laugh… a lot)

Your house was flooded a few months ago and because of the damage done your children's 
world was turned upside down while you worked on getting your basement back in order
Having the memory of all those who came to your aid and continued to come 
to your aid during and after the flood and feeling blessed just to have a roof still over our heads

You waited 7 years to receive respite care for your daughter and thought for sure you 
were on your fifth nervous breakdown by the time she had turned 8
You count every blessing and every moment that you receive now that your daughter finally is receiving the help you both need and you decide not to take a single moment of it for granted

Do you remember the part at the end (spoiler alert) of the movie "Dumbo" where he is so excited to show the audience he can fly and then he loses his special feather the birds gave him?

Dumbo was devastated. He couldn't fly without his special feather. He thought he wasn't good enough on his own. He was going to give up. He thought he was falling to his doom.

With much encouragement he realized the power to fly was within himself and that it was something he could do because of his awesome ears and determination.

He could have given up and died.

But he willed himself to fly.

Even though he could have held onto the fact that he had been constantly picked on and mistreated, and was told he was good for nothing but a few laughs, he decided to believe in himself regardless.

Why can't we do this more often?

Stay positive in the face of adversity and take flight.

See, I guess I really did want to write about Dumbo…

or maybe I'm just partial to big ears!

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