Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Post Halloween Post

I never even got around to posting about Halloween! 

Not really anyway.

I told you all about how "Incredible" Sister is, but I never got to tell you some of the other fun stuff!

So I had dressed up as Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for my  mom's party and for our ward party, I wasn't feeling good on Halloween so I didn't feel like doing much. I did finally get around to putting on my witch hat and drew some cracks on my face with my eyeliner… I was a Crackling Witch… get it… instead of Cackling Witch I was Crackling… anyway. I was just proud of myself for coming out of my slump to get in the holiday spirit.

Marc's been having all kinds of fun with his disguises this year! He he! The only thing was is that everyone thought he was dressed as someone from Duck Dynasty… I guess anyone wearing a beard at Halloween time must be from Duck Dynasty… He'll try to shake it up a little next year.

This is the part that I loved the most about all of Halloween.

Baby actually went Trick or Treating!! She would even walk up to each door and say "treat." This is the only picture I got of her while we were out. She is waiting at the door here after she had knocked.

I didn't get any pics of Sister because she was too cool to come with us door to door, she had to go with her awesome friends and their dad. Have I mentioned how awesome the people are who live around us.




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