Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday is Library Day

You see, sometimes my children actually do what they are supposed to do and I take pictures of it to document the occasion.

We go to the school library every Monday morning at 10am as part of summer schedule.

I started a summer schedule because Sister nearly fell apart last summer (me too) because she had no routine or schedule to rely on. So I have two girls who volunteer their time to help me out. One of them, of course, is Lindsey. And our new recruit into our world of serving our children we will call on this blog, Gracie.

Anway, back to the library.


No shoving, there's room for everyone, just take a seat in front of you own computer, you'LL be able to read it all together.

Baby loves books.

All my kids have loves books.

Sometimes a bit too much.

I haven't been reading to them enough lately.

OK, that's enough feeling d

Anyway, Lindsey was at the Library helping me with the kids that day and we got quite the laugh seeing Baby enjoying a newfound stuffed animal.

She was attacking it with excited happiness!

She carried The Cat in The Hat around the Library the whole way until we were down letting Sister and Brother pick out books then she proceeded to the librarian with her cat and didn't seem too happy about not being able to check out her new toy.

Thank goodness she was happy to just have her Dr. Seuss books in hand to take home instead.

(head swipe and flick)


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