Monday, June 3, 2013

Gathering Life's Trinkets

You were a kid once.


Well, I sure was.

And I loved to collect things.



Snail shells.



Kids do that, you know.

OK, so now that I'm older its not exactly the best thing to do to gather so many trinkets and carry them around in my pockets. So I gather life's trinkets on my phone's camera...


This is Sister just after she finished performing her end of year dance at school. So proud.
This is a treasured trinket that would definitely have gone on my headboard.

This is one of those trinkets that don't last very long so I would put it in my cupboard for safe keeping. This is Brother sitting up on the counter watching Grandma Judy make clay. I don't know how much longer he'll be able to fit up there, but I have a feeling he won't care if he fits up there or not...

This is a trinket that I would show to others at show and tell because it was so cute.
I love seeing cousins go out of their way just to show they care about Baby.
This is the trinket I would have kept under my pillow as a reminder.
I love seeing this screen on my husband's phone reminding me that he is, ultimately, a family man.
(Thanks Pointe Digital for the photo)

This is the kind of trinket you make into a necklace so you can have it close to your heart because you love it so much. I love that Lindsey loves our kids so much!

These two trinkets would be hung on my wall with pride because they are worth bragging about!
A 3-year-old who can get up on the swing by herself, then start herself swinging and then continue to pump herself to her hearts content, that's worth bragging about Fragile X or not!
These next three trinkets you keep on the head board just because they make you giggle when you see them.

These next three trinkets you keep by the bathroom mirror because it helps you start your day off right.

This is the trinket that I would use as a bookmark in my journal to remind myself that sometimes I do a good job.
(I've got a summer schedule going that makes Sister so happy it wears her right out.)
And this trinket? Well, this is the trinket that has wrapped himself around my finger
by doing things like playing clay with our daughter.

And these are actually trinkets. Trinkets I found at a yard sale that reminded me of my childhood. You squish the clay through and they grow "hair." It was great fun then...

And Chelsea and I still thought it was great fun now!
But this is the last trinket of this post. This trinket is a sticker. I would have put this on the front of my school folder to remind me of how hard it made me laugh. I had walked into a thrift store proudly wearing my yard sale shirt I found earlier that day and saw a friend there and she mentioned that I was "a cheap date." Ya. I still had the yard sale sticker on my shirt. I'd been wearing it for the last 4 hours on my hot date with my hot husband. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Did you catch that? I had walked into a THRIFT store in my YARD SALE shirt! Ha! Ha!

Oh, the irony!

Now I KNOW I am my mother's daughter!

I guess I just need to make sure I check the price of the trinkets I actually purchase...

Happy trinket gathering!

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