Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinner at our house

"Dinner's ready!" I holler outside to Marc because he is usually somewhere out there.




"BROTHER!!!'' I yell this over the top of the stairs at least 3 times because I am too lazy to walk down the 2 flights of stairs to get him off his iPod and out from in front of the TV. Sometimes he hears me, but most of the time, I end up tromping down the stairs to stand between him and the TV with my "mom" stance till he gets the idea and he finally takes his headphones out so I can inform him, "Dinner time."

He happily follows me out front to make sure I am doing my mom duty of getting Sister off her scooter and away from her friends to make her come have at least 2 bites of dinner, "Sister, it's time for dinner. You can play with your friends after you eat your dinner."

"I'm not hungry mommy. My tummy's full. I just want a Pediasure."

"Nope, sorry, sweetie, you need to eat dinner..."

I drag her in just as Marc is coming in. He is washing up just as I am dragging Baby in to "join" us for dinner prayer which sometimes Baby likes to say for us—that's the best part of dinner time.

Usually, my dinner gets cold while I make mac and cheese or a quesadilla for Sister and Baby so they will actually sit at the dinner table with us for a few minutes.

We actually succeed sometimes!

We'll work on smiling with our mouths full of mac and cheese later.

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