Saturday, December 1, 2012

Surprise Gift (homemade even!)

Have you ever been given something homemade?

Have you ever been given something homemade by someone who barely knows you?

Have you ever been given something homemade by someone who barely knows you, yet knows your family so well?

Have you ever been given something homemade by someone who barely knows you, yet knows your family so well just because she cares enough to listen to you speak about your children?

We have.

Just today.

Well, actually, yesterday.

It was given to us and we were instructed to open it today on the first day of December.

I wasn't quite expecting a gift from this person.

She is very nice, indeed.

I admire her, her talents and her amazing tenacity to live life no matter what life throws at her.

But, I have only known her for 8 1/2 months, and really mostly because she is in our Relief Society Presidency.

I never would have thought in a million years that she would give us something that she had made.

Now I don't know if she gave out many, a few or only one to us, but it made me feel like she really, really cared about our little family.

My kids thrive on schedules, routine, and knowing what is coming up.

Christmas time is horrendous because they think every single day of December is Christmas. They don't understand that it is 25 days away.

I tried and advent calendar once. It was a cute little book where you opened a window or door to this cute little house each day counting to Christmas Day.

I only lasted a few hours as Brother and Sister ripped off ever flap hoping that it would make Christmas come that very day.

I have wanted to come up with another advent calendar ever since then. One that would make more sense to them and that they wouldn't be able to tear up.

Well, today, our neighborhood angel sent us a gift that will always mean a lot to me, and, I hope, our kids.

A homemade, adorable, creative, fabric, door-sized advent calendar!

There are 24 little buttons on the Christmas tree that you hang all different kinds of
little felt ornaments from, like an angel, a train, a wreath, all kinds of cute little things to
hang on the buttons until Christmas Day comes. Sister was so excited to hang the
first ornament, and Baby had a great time deciding which ornament we would hang first.
They are so excited to put another one up tomorrow.

I wanted to find her tonight at the Christmas Party at the church but had my hands and mind full with the needs of the kids that I missed to opportunity. I called her when I got home but there was no answer. She doesn't read my blog (at least I don't think she does). I hope I get to see her at church tomorrow and give her a huge hug and a thank you for her thoughtful gift.

 There are some gifts that, for some of what seems are the smallest of reasons, become the most treasured gifts.

If this story touched your heart I'll give you a link to what would touch your heart an lift your spirits in preparation for the holiday season. Check out what I will be watching tomorrow night here.

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