Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Singing at Christmas Time

There has been all kinds of singing in Our Life lately...

The most exciting was hearing Baby sing "Jingle Bells!" We had never heard her sing it before so we were so excited to hear it, but just got a short clip:

The funniest was when my mom showed me this animated Santa she picked up at a yard sale:

The most inspiring was hearing Brother at his second Junior High Concert for Christmas.

I am not allowed to share the video so I just have the photo to share, and it is of him before the concert started and he's looking for us. (Although, as he was watching me type this post he informed that he was actually looking for his teacher, Mrs. S.) 

This time Marc and I, my parents and Marc's parents all got to come. Oh it was so precious! We were all so proud of him, and Marc even admitted he was close to tears watching him.

The most thought provoking was singing with my mom and my aunt for some people at the Mental Hospital. I couldn't help but wonder about the lives of these individuals as I looked out into the audience. What was the reason they were here? How serious were there mental issues? Do they have family who come to visit them at Christmas time?

My thoughts ran back to my kids thinking of some of the issues we deal with here just dealing with autism stuff and the stress it brings in Our Life, which got me wondering about the mothers out there that care for children who have mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar. I felt empathy for those parents.

I was so happy that, if even for only 30 minutes, I would be able to bring them some joy at Christmas. It was so sweet when one older man came and told me about the time he sang "Silent Night" in German out in the trenches during the war (bless his heart) and to see the twinkle in his eye when I joined in with him for the first few lines. (My grandpa taught us that song in German when we were little kids and we listened to him sing it often.)

So to all the moms out there who have children with mental illness or mental impairment please have a Merry Christmas and love them no matter how hard, no matter if it has to be from a distance or up close. Hang in there.

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