Monday, December 3, 2012

She was an Angel

Our kids have never participated in a live nativity before. We haven't typically done that in the past wards we were in when our kids were actually old enough. We have done them as a family... which makes me think we need to try that again this year, the last time I remember doing that was Sister was still a baby.

They had the primary-aged children participate and Sister was asked to be one of the angels. I had been asked to help get the angels quietly on and off the stage on cue. Luckily I had three sweet helpers (smile) who helps keep them from trampling each other.

To start off, my kids started going wild as soon as they saw all the people filling the cultural hall of the church building. And I don't mean wild like "typical" kids, I mean overstimulated/hyperaroused wild. I couldn't keep them under control. Marc was trying to get dinner plates for them and I was trying to keep them from rampaging the stage props and other people sitting at the tables. I couldn't take anymore and, frankly, didn't even know what to do to help them and still keep them there so that Sister could participate in the Nativity. At this point I was just wanting to go home and crawl into my shell and let me and my kids fall apart in comfort. Instead, I took the two youngest into an empty room and was about to cry when my friend, Amanda, walked in and asked if she could help. She took Brother to sit with her and Sister went to sit with Brittany and I brought their plates to them and all was well. They did so well with them.

I was so thankful to Amanda for showing up at just the right time and to Brittany for taking on another active child at her table.

Between Marc and I we were able to get Baby to eat a little something and I was able to eat in between all of that, but then she was off. She wanted to run the halls. But then she heard music playing. Some of the youth were singing Christmas songs with piano, cello, and violin accompaniment. Baby ran toward the music and sat on the floor with her sweet "friends" just in front of the performers. It was so sweet.

Then came time for all the children to get ready for the Nativity.

I was a little worried about how the night would go for Sister.

But, she was an angel.

She really was.

She was so cute with her classmates and friends and was all smiles.

Nervous smiles, but, nonetheless, smiles.

I was able to sneak quickly of stage to get a brief look at her as she stood there like and angel along with the other angels and smiled.

My friend on Facebook sent me this picture. Sister is the 3rd angel in from the right.

I wanted to cry because, not only was there a sweet spirit in the room because of the Nativity, and my heart had been calmed because of all the help my friends rendered me so I could actually enjoy the night, but because my sweet little daughter was up on a stage with many other children doing exactly what she does best...

                                          being the best angel she can be.

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