Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Parents EVER!!

OK, I know you all feel the same way about your parents... but, I just have to say it! I really do! I am amazed at what great parents they are and I want to be like them someday!

We went over there on Monday for Family Home Evening. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. We had my mom's homemade chile, so we had chile dogs! Mmm! It was so fun to be with the family. My dad even stoked up the fire in his cabin so that he and 13 could finish a blacksmithing project they had started. And to top it off, my mom made homemade caramel apples! Oh, the joy.

Then the next day my mom came with my sister and helped me organize the baby and 4's room and clean the kitchen. My mom loves to serve us. One of the things I most love about her is that she really allows me to be me and kindly reminds me of where I should be and what I should/could do. I admire her. My mom and dad have so much love for me, my kids and my hubby that it just makes my heart swell.

I remember once, I had done something wrong—I really can't even remember what it was—but, I do remember what my dad told me. "Rachael, you have a great name. A name that has always been a good one. Keep that good name. You are the oldest and you are the example for your brothers and sisters. You are the one who will keep that good name for the rest of them." I have never forgotten that bit of advice. In fact, I have told the same thing to both Bryan and 17.

I also remember my mom calling all my friends homes after curfew when I wasn't home yet. (This was before the time of cell phones.) She wouldn't rest until she found me. I remember a few times when my friend's sleepy-eyed parents would come to find me to tell me that my mom had called to tell me to "get home!" I was so thankful that she cared enough about me to track me down and keep my on the right track. Now I wait up anxiously for 17 come home from her outings, remembering all the hours my mom spent waiting up for me.

I just hope that we all, as parents (if we are—and if not this applies to teachers, leaders of youth and all those who have any impact on youth), can love our children enough to let them make their own choices, fall on their face if necessary, but gently pick them back up and still let them face their consequences and always let them know where we stand as their parents. I think too often we allow children to dodge the consequences, blame others for the consequences and then continue making those same mistakes. Even our Heavenly Father allows us to fall. Who do we run to when we do fall? Hopefully it is Him. Who should our children run to when they make mistakes? Hopefully their parents? Let us be able to be strong enough parents to stand up for what is right, even if it means that our children may not like to hear what we have to say. They will always know what we stood for.

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amyandrandy said...

yum! i love caramel apples! and i have to say, your mom makes me do you. =)