Friday, April 17, 2009

Long awaited Prom pics and much more!

For all of you who have been waiting to see my beautiful daughter in her prom dress, here she is:

It was raining so weren't able to take the pics outside but, my camera does better with natural light so I stood out in the rain while my friend held up the umbrella and 17 posed in the doorway. It still turned out pretty fun. She borrowed the dress from a neighbor, grandma Lynne made the jacket to make it more modest and I did her hair and makeup (of course).

And here are some other fun pictures we took. Marc's horse ride with friends, Easter, 3 riding the horse, and 17 on a fun date here at the house.

Horse ride

At my mom and dad's

Marc takes 3 on a horse ride in the back yard

Easter Party at Jessie's the week before Easter. -- so much fun. I am still waiting for video from my brother that will make all of you laugh, but, you will have to wait.

Easter Egg hunt at a friends house--so much fun!!

Here is 17's date and the "flour game"--one of my favorites from my dating years!!!

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Amanda said...

Those pictures look great. I loved Prom and school dances, such a fun time.

Staci said...
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Ethington Family said...

She looks so pretty for prom. I hope she had fun.
Easter is one of my favorite Holidays, if not my favorite. It is such a fun time of year and I'm not just saying that because it's close to my birthday:) I love the easter egg hunts, coloring eggs, and making sugar cookies to decorate. More than any of it though, I love being with family. Your lucky you are so close to all of them. I feel blessed to have some of Brett's close by, but oftem miss my own. good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pics!!! What a fun Easter week!

Staci said...

The deleted comment was from wasn't mean or anything. I had realized that I put 17's name and thought there is probably a reason you use "17". Anyway, 17 is such a cutie and I love seeing all the fun things you guys do.

Rosanne said...

wow those prom pics are so beautiful! She is very photogenic. I love the easter pictures and where is Marc in the mountains? It is beautiful there. The EAster hunt looked fun

wendy said...

The pictures turned out great. It just hit me who basketball man looks like, David Archuletta! Do you see it?

Kirsten Amelia said...

Ah! Kelsey you are so gorgeous! Jealousy! I just can't wait to see your beautiful face and hear all your wonderful stories.
Rachael congrats again! :) This is all so crazy and wonderful. I read a talk by Elder Bednar recently. Yeah, of course we would be scared if we had to do things alone, but lucky for us we have help all around us from our friends and family to our Savior and Father in Heaven. I'm always there for you! Love you all! Can't wait til this last week is over!