Thursday, April 30, 2009

Accompaniment, Hershey, State and What he said!

This past Sunday I was asked to sing in Sacrament meeting. I roped 13 and 17 into doing the song with me. 13 accompanied me and 17 sang with me. Oh my word, can I just say I am the proudest mom on the planet. I mean, 13 accompanied me in sacrament meeting! Get out! He did so well. He really is talented on that piano! And 17's voice and mine blended so well together! It was one of those moments that will be forever logged in my memory.

Come on, we all remember Hershey Track in elementary school don't we?? Oh, it was my highlight of elementary school. I couldn't wait to dominate the 50 meter and the long jump!!!! (smile) Well, now that I am thirty-two my highlight is now watching 9 at his first ever Hershey Track Meet! I was so proud of him. His class was able to participate with all the mainstream school kids from six or so other schools in the area. He had such a good time! He ran the 50 meter, did the long jump and the softball throw. I think he was quite disappointed though, because he was looking forward to running the 200 meter—so when the track was open I let him run it by himself. He was in heaven. I cried. Ya, I really did! I know, I'm pregnant, but, I still would have cried. There is just something about seeing your child with disabilities do things with the "regular" kids. I am so proud!!!!! Good job 9!

lined up to get ready to race he was in lane 5 heat 22

his nervous race stance

watching his classmates

long jump (hop, really—bless his heart)

softball throw

his solo 200 meter—he didn't even break a sweat!

3's preschool class always has the cutest themes and this week it is the circus. They have been having a circus day in their classroom yesterday and today. I dressed her up to be a trick horse rider and we put "feathers" in her horse's mane to match. I got to peek in on her today during their circus and it was such a treat! She was so cute when she jumped through the "ring of fire" on her stick horse! Thanks to her teacher for being so wonderfully creative!

yesterday was pink and white

today was purple, green and yellow themed

17 had region for Women's Chorus last Wednesday and they made it to state. Yesterday was region for her Concert Choir and she called me this morning to let me know that they also made it to State!!! Wow! I am so excited for their choir. They have worked very hard for it!

This morning 9 and I were having a little talk over his breakfast while we waited for his bus. He asked me if the baby was sleeping and I said 'yes'. He told me that he knows when it is kicking and he said that right now it was sleeping but then it would kick. Then, he paused for a moment and looked at me with sincereness and asked "Does he have Fragile X?" (9 says it is a boy) I turned to him and sweetly said, "I don't know yet. It might. But, it's OK." I almost started to tear up, wondering if he really knew what he had asked, thinking how interesting it was that he would think about that... He then made a face and said, "I hope he doesn't hit me... or bite me. Mmm mm. That would not be good!" Tee hee. That's the concern of 9... Ha! Oh, too cute!

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Joel and Jessie said...

Oh those pictures are priceless. I love the one of Brighton running!! It is the perfect picture mid-run :) I am sorry that I forgot to come. Jessie

Annie Valerio said...

Your pregnant? Wow that is great I am so happy for you! Chanse is ready for another as well so who knows LOL! Congrats that is wonderful news and yes we need to plan a BBQ that would be fun. I need to work on the weeds coming through our gravel ugh!

Rochelle said...

Ya gotta love track!!! How fun, I can't wait until my kids do stuff like that:)

jEn paiGe said...

Don't you just love being a mom? I love to see all of my good qualities come out in my kids...not so much on the bad....

Ethington Family said...

I love pictures! I love track meets. My kids have never been in one. they don't do them here. I would love to see how they do and what they decide they like.

amyandrandy said...

I left a comment on another post, my favorite so far (you having a baby), but this is also so neat. Your family is quite talented and what a good experience for them to share their talents with you and your ward. Glad it went well and wish I could have seen it.