Monday, March 30, 2009

Tour Bus Hits Semi

Just in case any of you watch the news in the morning and know that 17 is coming home from Choir Tour — I'm just letting you know not to worry. She is fine. The weather has been really bad and they were supposed to be home at 7am this morning. She called at 4:45am to let me know that their charter bus had just hit a semi. There were 5 that went to the hospital but she wasn't one of them, thank goodness. The semi had lost control and rolled and their bus side-swiped it. 17 said that there was glass all over her but that she was fine. They are now at an Armory in a local town and are being fed and taken care of there while they wait for their new charter bus. Just wanted to let you know so you didn't have to hear it on the news the way her grandma did... sorry mom.

2 remarks:

Suzy said...

Scary! I'm glad she is ok!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow, scary. I am glad everything is okay.