Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Munchkin Mayor

So 13 is in for sure! Yay!!! All the youth that were called back are in the play as munchkins, but, we are still waiting to hear if 13 is going to be the Mayor of Munchkin Land or the Coroner (You'll have to watch the Wizard of Oz to get what I am talking about). Anyway, 13 is not too sure about being a munchkin but, we will see what happens. I thought he read the perfect part as the mayor—he really is good at this stuff!

As for me, I am not too hopeful. I think I am too tall for any part—actors are usually on the shorter side and I think my height may have thrown me out. But, I sure had fun reading for the part of the Wicked Witch of the West—that's what they called me back for. I had some great compliments after my reading, but they also had a lot to choose from and I am a newcomer so in a nutshell I am not expecting to get a part. But, who knows, they said the will be making the calls this week to let us know...

OK, so there is the update for now.

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Rochelle said...

GOOD LUCK!! Is this like American Idol? Can I call and vote for your number??? :)