Friday, January 2, 2009

Updates, Instructions and Santa's Special visit

Before (taken in September on my computer)

After (taken today from my computer)

OK, so everyone has been asking me about my "Candida Diet." (You can see it a lot in my face-hence, the pics) So here it is. I lost 3 pounds in the first 18 hours I started it, in the first 3 days I lost 7 pounds and I had lost 10 pounds in 10 days and have continued to keep that 10 pounds off even during the holidays. NOw, everyone freaks out when I told them I lost 10 pounds in 10 days thinking that I starved myself--I wasn't starving--I ate a lot--really I did. I ate all day long, I ate a lot of celery, avacadoes and nuts to curb my cravings for chocolate, candy, sweets or breads. As far as my strict first 2 weeks, I had NO sugar--that meant no milk (lactose), wheat (gluten), or fruit--but, I thought restricting fruit was rediculous so I still had fruit but I cut out fruit juice completely. I have now been working my way back into regular food again. So far so good, I have gotten a little sick to my stomach when I eat sweets or pasta, but, sometimes it is worth--right?

Then, I have had many ask how we made our Christmas ornaments on Sister's Day. Here is the best I can explain it on the blog:
-You buy the wedding favor tins (we got them at Walmart)--they are about 1 inch deep and 2 inches round.
-You take the lid off of the tin
-trace a circle over the picture you want to use
-cut out the picture and place in the lid of the tin so that picture faces outward
-with a tack poke a hole in the deeper part of the tin on the top side
-poke wire through and bend it to keep it in place
-put double stick tape on the rim of the deep part of the tin and place lid back on to keep in place.
-bend wire into a cute curly shape to hang easily on tree
-you can decorate at you want, ribbon tied on wire, double stick tape around edge

Also, I was so busy I never posted these awesome pics of our special Santa Visit! Thanks Kris Kringle--my kids were so excited to see you.

3 remarks:

Andy said...

Rachael-you look great! I still need to bring that book to you, and I have some magazines with recipes in them that you might like too. Send your e-mail to me at, and I will try to get those recipes to your house. Now that the holidays are over maybe I can remember :)

amyandrandy said...

You go girl! You are so dang cute. I know this has nothing to do with the post but every hair style you have ever had short, long, shoulder name it, you look soooo cute! The ornaments are so cute, I am saving the pic so I can remember to do it next year. Did you take pics at the family reunion?

Muffin said...

You are amazing! I love having control over what I eat and feeling good about myself! Keep it up! Because you're worth it!