Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue Clay and Breakfast Hamburgers

So, 3 LOVES clay--she just really seems to be able to get in her zone when she has clay in her hands. She likes to stick things in the mound of clay and sing happy birthday to random friends (at the top of her lungs, mind you, with quite the verbrato!)

Look, Mom a baby one!

Mmm, smells like... chicken (just kidding, it most likely smells like clay)

Here she is, intently singing "Happy Birthday"

Funny look, but he is so proud!

Here he is hard at work! Flippin' burgers--I sense a career coming on...

9 has his cravings, and they change up quite a bit. Recently it has been hamburgers. So we have been making them for breakfast! He has learned to cook his own hamburger patty! Too cute, he is quite proud.

P.S. Does anyone need a recipe for clay. I have one, it is great. You store it in the fridge and it lasts quite a while--and 3 likes it because there is a lot. If you need a play dough recipe then leave a comment and I will post it...

P.S.S. 13 and 17 are cute too--I just haven't taken photos of their cuteness... (smile)

4 remarks:

Jared said...

We definitely need to go camping. No more school! We have even been looking at popups. I would like your recipe for clay. 3 and 7 are sin cute! I would love to hear her singing. I am glad to see you guys are doing good! Any birthday plans coming up?

Ethington Family said...

I wish I was the nice type of mom who kept clay more than one use. I would love the clay recipe because it never last long here. mostly because they leave it out, so i just throw it away. I usually feel kind of bad when they ask where it is later.
love ya, mary

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so great when kids have something to keep them occupied for long periods of time? (aside from the tv ha ha) She's so cute singing Happy Birthday, how funny. Thanks also for the book recommendations, I'll have to put them on my list.

Rochelle said...

I would like the recipe. And I don't know of 9 should be eating burgers so much, he looks like he is putting on a little weight:)