Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peaches and Eggs

Life is great!

Really, it is!

I have so much to tell you that will make you smile!

See. I'm smiling! 

Well, actually this is a shot from when I was having a conversation with our dear friend, Thomas. With Marc being home I got him involved and it ended up getting pretty goofy....

I had to laugh when Marc agreed to get on the couch with me and hang upside down... oh the things we do for our loves.

Sometimes I get pictures from Brother's teachers or classmates.

I love them.

He doesn't tell us a whole lot about his day so it is fun to get a little insight into it from others' perspectives.

This one is with his friend, Gracy, at bowling during their Life Fitness class.

I just can't help but smile.

 A couple of days ago, Brother was having one of those rare moments where he volunteers information to us about his day at school. It was so cute when he told me that one of his peer tutors gave him a Granny Smith apple. He was smiling so big when he said, "He had one for me and one for himself."

I almost cried.

I'm so thankful for good people.

I've also had the awesome privilege of seeing Sister take Baby and do cute little things with her like making a lunch for the both of them and taking it into her room and setting it up on her desk and they eat and "talk" together.

It melts my heart and makes me laugh at the same time... I love that Baby's lunch is animal cookies and water.

Sister has also been working hard to teach Baby the ways of organizing and ordering random objects. This day it was hair ties and barettes... hey, I'm not complaining I am just thankful that my two daughters are doing things together. It's such a joy to watch.

I am also happy because I went on a rad date with the hubby and our friends this last weekend and tried something I had never tried before...

We did a chocolate and vinegar tasting at a local restaurant/chocolate factory, The Taste! It was quite an experience and I felt so cultured... like I was in Europe or something.

This is me at the tasting counter with Marc reflecting next to me and our hostess giving us the explanations of chocolates of all kinds. It really was a treat.

So we did chocolate tasting for our appetizer at one restaurant and then went to another restaurant, Oregano, for our main course.

The service, the atmosphere, and the food were great! I had to take a picture of my fancy potatoes... too bad I only had my phone camera to get the shot... ho hum... but trust me, it was really good.

That tall, empty glass in front of Marc was our Italian Soda which was amazing so if you ever go there, you really need to try one.

Then we took a little walk to let our food settle a bit before dessert and Marc and I introduced our friends to a local clothing store, Unhinged, that is quite unique and awesome, but also has this really cool barber shop set-up for mens beards and cuts. I made Marc and Brent take a seat for a shot.

I wish I had remembered to get a picture of our next stop for dessert. It was a place that serves what's called Kronuts. Never heard of that before so we thought we'd keep our adventurous night going and go there for dessert. I didn't end up getting a Kronut, but I got a pastry of another kind and it was so delicious... I'm telling you this was the date night of European delight... at least it took me back there for a moment. We had good laughs, good conversation, and good food. I love dates like that!

This morning I took pictures of two things that made me smile:

The first one was Baby's dolls that she has stacked on our side table next to the chair in the front room. I keep putting them in her room and she keeps sneaking them back to the front room.

Last night I heard some little footsteps run down the hall as I was working late at my computer.

I think I know now what she was doing.

Too funny.

I know it's dark, but, it was kinda creepy that way...

After being spooked by the re-appearing dolls I open the curtains to see there was a lot of fog outside and the street light and trees looked so cool. I just stepped out our front door and took a shot.

Also, I have another reason to be happy! Guess what!

I made it into another play at the Scera! I get to play the part of Matron in Saturday's Warrior! Cheesiest LDS film ever and yet, I have always LOVED it! So excited to be a part of it on stage. It will be so nostalgic!


So why did I have such a hard time getting myself to move forward this morning?

So much joy, so much to celebrate, so much to be happy about... and I could only do the necessary to get the girls off to school.

I hate depression.

It sucks!

I think that all the physical and emotional turmoil of taking Baby to a doctors appointment last week and a hearing test at the hospital yesterday, Brother coming home from rollerskating with church friends crying because he fell hard and couldn't go to school this morning because he couldn't walk and knowing that I have an upcoming doctor appointment for Sister tonight... It drains me. All of these things are so wearing and intimidating and overwhelming.

It's not often that a mom has to hold her daughter in a trained position in order to just have a doctor look at her ears.

It's not often that a 16-year-old boy falls and acts as if his limb was ripped off.

It's not often that you have to endure threats and screaming from your sweet-faced 10-year-old daughter just to get her to a well-check.

But, it's often enough for me.

I just have to keep moving forward.

Our Life won't get any easier, I am seeing that now.

I have to push through it. 

I have to keep going so I won't be defeated.

I mean, if you look at the bright side, which I just spent 90% of this post telling you about, life is peachy... I just have to focus on the peach instead of the pit.

I do have to end though, by showing you the video I put together of the kids getting excited (and overstimulated) about a surprise that was sent to us in the mail last week.

I am amazed at the kindness and thoughtfulness of people and when I received a message from an acquaintance and friend from high school I was a bit shocked that she would choose my family to send a special package to. She and her kids sent my kids one of the greatest things they could ever  have received in the mail—chocolate Kinder Eggs! Best day ever!

My heart is filled with joy when I think of all the great people I have the privilege of knowing.

How can I not smile when even a far away friend can be such a peach!

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