Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Who do I look like?

You know it's pretty cool that we live only a 45 minute drive away from one of the biggest film festivals in the world—The Sundance Film Festival in Park City. We live only 20 minutes from actual Sundance where Robert Redford began the whole thing but it's popularity required more space so it is in the nostalgic winter town of Park City.

I didn't realize it, and don't ask me why I didn't remember, but Marc has never been to Park City during the film festival.

Everybody loves going there to go spot movie stars, try to get pictures and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Oh, and they go see independent films too.

Marc and I decided last minute to go and enjoy the crowds and the ambiance of Park City during Festival time. It was our date night outing and we weren't quite prepared for how packed and busy it was going to be.

We spent the first hour of our time just driving at 5 miles an hour through the main street and we were about to give up until we realized they had free shuttle service from further parking lots. So back to the outskirts of Park City and we were in for an entertaining shuttle ride. 

At each stop we just kept packing more and more people in until we all got to know each other quite well (smirk). There was a group of friends on there that kept us all laughing while making comments about "the more the merrier," "pack 'em in," "can I get your phone number?" It was fun and made the ride seem much shorter.

After getting off the shuttle Marc and I kept our eyes wide open as we searched the passersby for movie star sightings. Marc and I got a good chuckle as we were nearing a small crowd this young man kept darting his head out and looking at me. I couldn't figure out if he was trying to be non-chalant or just really excited to see me... at any rate, as I came closer to him he stepped out as if to greet me and then he shied away back to his group and carefully smiled at me as I smiled back at him making eye contact. I just want to know what movie star he thought I was! I should have said, "Who do I look like?" Marc got quite the kick out of this too as he noticed before I did that this guy was anxious to see me as I passed.

That was one of the highlights of my night!

We saw so many people who looked like movie stars, but we didn't know who they were or even if they actually were. It's funny to walk up and down the streets as people are all trying to casually look at each other to discover the disguised movie star under the winter hats and coats and beards and boots.

After not spotting anyone and getting quite hungry from our star search journeying, we decided to stop and eat. We chose something "affordable" and did pizza and pasta.


Let me remind you.

We are in Park City.

Nothing is cheap here.

But, we hoped it would at least be reasonable, but, no such luck. It was one of the most expensive cheap dinners we've ever had out on a date... and maybe not because of the price, but the price we paid for the amount of food... which wasn't much... really. I thought a calzone might be, at least, bigger than a subway sandwich... 

Anyway. We still had fun and were even lucky enough to only have a 20 minute wait when soon after us there was a life spanning halfway down the building.

Our seats weren't the best.

Here, check it out:
No, that's not a bad picture, it's bad lighting. We were seated just a few feet away from their bright, red, neon sign...

We were slightly disappointed with our dining experience so we were so excited to see that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory wasn't far off and we were happy to share a caramel apple.

Here we are waiting in line to get our treat.

After we snarfed our apple we continued down the street taking selfies, people watching and star searching.

We stopped in few art stores, which I always enjoy, but I was really excited to discover a new artist I have never heard of and I loved his work, it was so creative. And I can't remember his name now so I am going to have to get it on here later... argh, I hate when I don't remember things...

Then we walked the bridge and Marc got some nice shots of the lights and the street.


Of course we had to get us on the bridge too.

At the beginnings of our journey home we talked on and on about how much fun we had even though we didn't see and movie stars, except for one we recognized but couldn't remember what we had seen him in and I later found out it was Casey Affleck, he looked way different than in Oceans 11-13. He had a beard, shaggy hair and amazing eyes!

But as we got closer to home, the roads got worse! They were snowy, icy and slushy which made for some scary moments of sliding and turning.

We were so relieved we made it out of the canyon safely that we went and got a shake to celebrate our survival... kind of funny that we chose ice cream to cheer us up after almost getting stuck in snow...

Almost 20 years guys! We have almost been married 20 years!

I'm telling you, dating your spouse is the bomb-diggedy!

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