Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Shower, A Bow, An Antique and A Dandelion

So today was my little sister's bridal shower! So crazy to think my sister, twelve years my younger, is getting married next month. Wow! She is so cute with her fiancĂ© though—I just love it. We had fun playing games, eating good food, laughing and just having fun with the girls.

I don't have any pictures of the shower but, I do have new pictures of Baby.

My aunt, Rosanne, makes bows—they are called Peek-a-Bows. She gave me some today for Baby for a gift. I got home and just had to put one on her. She is asleep in her cradle and it is still on because it is so cute, and it is nice because it keeps her oxygen tubing in place... sweet!

I also snuck a picture of her with Chelsea—cute!

I also took a picture of her yesterday in her cradle because she is so little in it, it makes me laugh. This cradle is really cool because I used to sleep in it when I was a baby and all my siblings. But, even better than all of us, most of my dad's siblings also slept in this cradle. It is a a beautiful antique and I wished I would have used it with my other two kids.

I gave her her first home sponge bath yesterday because I wanted to see her hair all fuzzy again. This picture she is covering her face with the blanket but you can see how fuzzy her hair is, it reminds me of a dandelion. I blow on it a lot, pretending like it will fly away with the wind. Luckily it is attached...

7 remarks:

amyandrandy said...

i love that cradle and yes she looks so tiny laying there, but oh so sweet. I hope she is letting you get some rest and i use that term lightly.=)

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This is a sweet post. I love the cradle story and your description of her hair. She seems like a very sweet baby.

Rochelle said...

She is SO SWEET, I am sad I missed the shower! Glad it went well:)

wendy said...

I still can't believe You are just right there and we have yet to see her. That's it!! I'm coming over and you can smash her up against the window so I can see her in person. I'll bring a doll and pretend it is her so I can squeeze the doll whilst googlying at her. I am not a wierdy!! We miss you guys.

Julie said...

I love clean, puffy baby hair! I would wash Christian's hair all the time because it was like that, too! What a sweet baby! Awesome cradle!

Rebecca said...

Rachael and Marc,
We are so glad that she is here and doing so well for a 34 week delivery! What a miracle that she is home already!
We miss everyone and wish that we could be there for all of the wedding, the showers and the preparations. Please give Kirsten
a hug for Nicole and I.
We are thankful for the internet and cell phones to keep up with what the family is doing.
Love you guys!
The Perrys in Texas

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

My mom is your cousin somehow. She loved your pictures--your blog. I love your pictures too, cute!