Sunday, November 15, 2009

Curly Hair and More Funnies from 4

I love it when I wash Baby's hair it goes really curly. Then as soon as it is dry it is stick straight. I suppose one day, knowing me, I will gel it so it will stay for a little while, but, I will at least wait until she can hold her head up...

For posterity, here is a shot right after the wash. She even has her eyes open for these picks! (If you look closely you can see the little red mark her oxygen mask sticker leaves behind when it is removed—that's one of the reasons I can't wait till she doesn't need the oxygen anymore. Poor little thing.)
Here is one of her just because I rarely get to see her without all her tubes and wires, so this is a rare picture opportunity. My mom gets a kick out of how big the pacifier is.

And here is a picture of me and three of the kids. I wanted Marc to take a picture of just me and Baby but 9 and 4 just had to get in too. So cute. And hey, everyone who may be looking at me too closely, remember, I am 3 weeks postpartum here so go easy on me, this is my first full body shot that has gone on the blog.

As I learned from a wise young rabbit in a movie I saw as a kid, "If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."

OK, so I was eating some of my apricot fruit leather on Friday. It is rolled up, you know, like a fruit roll-up. Anyway, 4 asked what it was and I answered, "Fruit." She looked at me with a funny face and asked, "Poop?" I chuckled lightly (lightly because she cries if I laugh at her questions) and said, "No, Fruit. Fruit." She looked at me and said, "Fruit Poop?" Tee hee! After she had one too many pieces of fruit leather she found out the real meaning of fruit poop. Ha!

4 has a new talent. She can make a real burp sound. It is really funny. Well, at least now it is. I am sure in the near future we will be having a talk about her not doing it because it is rude... but, for now it is funny! I know her Uncle Joel would be really proud.

4 is also at that stage when she laughs really hard when Baby, or anyone else for that matter, ... hmm how should I put this in case anyone who reads this gets offended easily... breaks wind.

She always calls Baby "my baby" or asks if she is our baby. It's funny, it is as if she thinks I might be switching babies on her every day so she just has to double check. She even makes sure to ask me, "What's his name?" She says his because she doesn't know his or hers or he or she, so it's just "his." Anyway, I say you tell me and she does, with a huge smile on her face. She is so proud to have Baby in the house.

6 remarks:

Rochelle said...

Atleast she says He. My kids say "It", and I won't let them hold them until they say she:). It's funny. She is a cutie!! And atleast you didn't have 70 POUNDS to lose like I did (still have 30). :( You look great!

Suzy said...

Just the other day my friend posted about eating meatballs and her 4 year old thought she was eating poop. So I asked M1 if he thinks I would eat poop and he said yes! Apparently 4 year olds are obsessed with poop! You look great. You should see me!

Maren said...

Congratulations on the new baby! You look great and your family is adorable!

Candace said...

Baby is beautiful! (and so are you) You look great after 3 weeks postpartum. Look how I look after over 3 years postpartum from the boys. 9 and 4 crack me up, cause they say the darndest things. They love baby to pieces, I can tell.

Glitzy Glass said...

Wonderful news about your baby. I am Dixie Congers Daughter. Anyways, fun to see you visited me too. Cute blog and family.

Ethington Family said...

I don't know what you are talking about, you look GREAT! I am happy to see that your cute kids are loving the baby and everything is going well!