Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Turtle Destination

One day back while Marc and I were in Greece with our friends Tolis and Thomas we were driving along one day and saw a large turtle almost in the middle of the road looking as if it had been working on crossing the road to get down the hill to a grassy area. I was so excited to see this large turtle and had to get out of the car so I could see it up close. Marc jumped out of the car with me and I assumed it was so he could get a good look at it too and, maybe, a picture.

Marc let me enjoy it and then he picked it up so that he could take it quicker to, what he guessed, was its destination.

I was impressed with Marc's thoughtfulness and concern for this hard-shelled creature.

Once we were on our way in the car we all began to imitate what the turtle might be thinking when Marc took it to the grassy field across the road. Things like, "Excuse me, this was not my destination," or "I've been working since last week to get to the other side and now I'm back at the beginning!" and "Hallelujah! I thought I'd never make it here!" We laughed as we imitated "turtle" voices and thought up all kinds of scenarios of whether or not we had helped this turtle move faster on its journey or had completely foiled its plans.

I have thought about that Grecian turtle often in these last few weeks as I have tried to find a way to segway into getting back into my writing without leaving everything out I had missed.

Not that I thought the turtle would be my segway, per sé, but the direction I was going.

I've been so worried about documenting my journey for the family and friends who read this blog that I lost site of the point of this blog.

Writing is therapeutic for me.

That's it. For me.

I don't make money at this.

I don't get swag for this.

I'm not on anyone's deadline, due date, or subject matter.

I do this for me and my sanity.

It's my way of sharing with whomever may come across it can learn, grow, find relief, or humor all while giving myself perspective and release.

I see my life differently when I blog.

More as lessons to be learned.

Humor to be found.

Happiness to be enjoyed.

When I write everyday I am able to analyze my life, day, week or experience and see why it is the way it is/was and how it can strengthen me. I sometimes even share only to maybe help someone out there who might be struggling.

So I've learned that I keep trying to change my Turtle Destination... God knows where he is taking me. He knows where I will be safe, happy and enlightened. I get pretty frustrated when I am picked up and completely turned around right when I feel I am making progress and then, slowly, I begin to see why He picked me up and moved me.

This experience with the turtle also reminded me of Brother at his high school Prom this year. He went to Prom back in April. Yes, he went to Prom last year for his sophomore year, which was so awesome, but it was all arranged with his Special Ed Classmate and was pretty much arranged completely for him, date and all. This year was a little different because he chose his own date and asked her to Prom! She is a friend of his from junior high who has always been so kind and good to him.

I was so proud of him for taking this first big step of actually asking a girl on a date! My favorite story was when I told him he needed to ask his date what color her dress would be so I could make the corsage. His teacher went with him to ask her and when her response to him was "maroon," he exclaimed "Oh my!" and flopped (his version of the faint because he is so happy) onto the table in from of him.

Maroon is one of his favorite colors! Maroon and turquoise to be exact.

So I made sure to put some turquoise in too. I decided to make the corsage and boutonniere out of paper just to make it fun and original.

I had the opportunity to be their photographer so I got to see a little of the inside action and it made my heart so happy. Brother and his date were so cute together and she was so sweet to him, but also didn't put up with his shenanigans. It was so sweet to see her holding his arm and paying attention to him. It made my mom heart so happy I thought it would burst.

One of Brother's classmate's grandmother offered her house for the meal and gathering place before the dance. It was a huge success.

It's taken Brother a long time to get to this point, and I don't mean just the dating part, but the socializing and showing his personality part.

Sometimes I worry we push him too hard.

Sometimes I worry we don't push him hard enough.

Sometimes, we do know what is best for him and we do know he needs to be challenged.

Often, we have to pick him up, dust him off and steer him in the right direction and he definitely isn't too happy with us during those times. In the end, he usually ends up with a smile on his face that confirms to us that we did the right thing by pushing him out of his comfort zone.

Sometimes slow and steady doesn't exactly win the race, but it sure helps you to take in the scenery.

I think that while Brother has been moving slowly on his road of life, he has been taking in all the things he has learned and is able to put them to use after he has had time to soak it all in.

Sometimes he gets redirected.

Sometimes we wish he'd progress faster.

Sometimes we want him to come out of his shell (sometimes that can be literally if he has a hooded jacket to hide under).

Sometimes he needs his shell to protect himself through the journey.

Sometimes none of us know where the road is taking us, but we have learned to rely on the Lord and His timing and plan.

I never thought I could learn so much from a Grecian turtle... but I'm glad we crossed paths.

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