Friday, July 8, 2016

Surf and Mount

Tuesday morning was our last time in San Luis Obispo. Marc, Joel and Jman wanted to spend a little more time at the beach before we had to leave so they got up earlier than the rest of us and headed out.

I thought they were going to go out on the wakeboard one more time, but they decided it was fun to watch the surfers near the dock, and just enjoy the sounds and sights of the ocean before it was gone.

Not to mention that this is quite the cool shot on his iPhone!

When they got back we all packed up our suitcases, packed up our cars and bid a "good riddens!" to the Ramada Inn and solemn "hope to see you soon," to San Luis Obispo and the nearby beaches.

Of course I had to take our traditional, "we're on our way!" selfie as we began heading to our new road trip destination, Yosemite!

First we went into Oakhurst where our rental was located so we could unload a bit and get ready to see Yosemite.

I don't know if it was just because we had come from the worst hotel I've ever been in, or if this place was really just that nice, but this place was awesome!!! It was clean, everything worked and it was spacious. Hallelujah!

There were some cool looking trees there on the house property and some pretty wildflowers too.

Brother was happy to perform out on the deck!

We didn't want to lose anymore time so we loaded everyone in the van...

That form in the front seat is not me, she just plays me on TV...

Joel thought it was funny to put that in our car just before we were ready to leave... interesting what you'll find in people's garages...

I'm not quite sure when Sister discovered her ailment of being car sick while driving in the mountains, but it had become a real "thing" when we were driving on the Yosemite road to head to our evening destination, Glacier Point. Here are her and Baby "being carsick" by rolling down the window, trying to get some fresh air and better views.

Yes, Sister was basically complaining the entire time... it wasn't pretty... but, doesn't this picture make it look so serene!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... I just wonder if all those words are accurate...

We had a bit of a hiccup when we got to the parking lot of Glacier Point. Our van got there, but Jessie and Joel's wasn't.

That sent Sister into a tizzy—they were supposed to be with us everywhere we were and if they weren't there that meant that her routine was off. She began to go into her screaming, aggressive mode that caught the attention of many passersby. We kept assuring her that they must have just stopped to see a certain view and that they'd be here any minute...

But, any minute became 30 minutes and even though we had uneasily gotten Sister up the trail to the view point, I was a bit worried wondering what had happened.

They finally got there and informed us that they had been flashing their lights to get us to stop because they were almost out of gas and didn't know how much further they had to drive so they decided to stop and hope we'd figure out they weren't there... we figured that part out... we were just patiently waiting for them to get there. They had decided that since it had been so long that they would just proceed to Glacier Point and hope for the best. Luckily they had enough gas to get there.

Once we were altogether, Sister was back to normal and we all proceeded to get our pictures taken with the beautiful view. Behold El Capitan in the background! Magnificent and one of Marc's favorite land features.

This picture is my favorite and pretty much captures the essence of what was Brother the entire trip. He sang everywhere his microphone could come with him. Priceless.

I was going to post just the one good family photo, but thought it was funnier for you to see the evolution of it.

Marc made it a goal to get a selfie with each one of us.

Brother wasn't as cooperative as the rest of us...

Baby wasn't really thrilled about it either

This is the shot I got of El Capitan!

Marc and Joel wanted to see more of the valley view from Glacier Point so some of us headed that way and some of us got a little lost and behind.

When Jessie, Baby and I caught up with the rest of them everyone was excited to tell us the story about the farting Chinese lady... now try not to be offended... "Chinese" is basically anyone of Asian descent to Sister, so since I wasn't there, I don't know that this said lady was Chinese, I just heard the story.

So while Sister was enjoying the view with Marc and Joel and the other kids, there was a woman in the crowd that farted pretty loud... OK, from what I understand, really loud.

Sister heard this and loudly exclaimed in a shocked, yet humored manner, "That wasn't me! It wasn't me! It was that Chinese lady!"


I'm pretty sure everyone who understood her laughed.

Anyway, with Baby and Sister consistently getting close to the fenced edge of the sheer drop-off look-out point, Jessie and I decided it would be better to take the kids to a safer spot to wait for Marc and Joel to get their eyeful of Yosemite from above.

When it was time to leave, Jessie and Joel were rightfully nervous as we drove behind them to make sure we were there in case they did run out of gas before getting to a gas station at the bottom.

We all made it down safely and had to celebrate by going out for pizza.

The pizza was good, but it was the napkins that made for the real fun...

Seeing Marc pretending to hold up a napkin made me laugh

It was a nice evening to get home to our rental house and enjoy a clean floor, hairless walls and washed bedsheets.

I'm glad we got a good night's rest because what was awaiting us the next day would require us to be at the top of our game...

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