Friday, March 4, 2016

It's A Dog Party

About a year and a half ago our good friend, Cari, gave us her dog.

He's been more of a help to our kids than I even imagined.

My kids love him dearly.

It's starting to look like Spring around our house and the girls are just eating it up!

I got a few pictures of Sister racing with Ranger from one end of the yard to another. She was giggling and he was nipping at her heels with excitement!

I take Ranger on hikes with me when I can because he loves hiking so much!

He's laughing at me...
He gets so excited when I lace up my hiking shoes

 My kids love him so much and for the last couple of months they have been very anxious to celebrate his birthday. They have birthdays, therefore he has a birthday. We celebrate their birthdays, therefore his birthday must be celebrated.

Well, I'm not a very good pet mom, I guess, because I couldn't remember his birthday.

I knew it was around February or March so we just picked a day and the kids told him happy birthday and it seemed to suffice.

Well, yesterday I received an email from his vet to remind me that it is his birthday.

I immediately texted Lindsey and asked her to do a little something so the kids could officially celebrate Ranger's birthday. I told her where his dog treats are and said that maybe she could get the kids to sing "Happy Birthday" or something and then all would be well.

I asked her to send me pictures of the little celebration.

When I got the pictures I was so elated to see that she had planned an entire birthday party and the kids looked as if they couldn't be more excited. 

This is a pretty big deal in our house because they don't like birthday parties, they can tolerate their own, but refuse to attend others'.

It was such a joy to see the birthday hats and streamers.

It is also such a joy to know that our children have the most amazing caregivers in their lives.

We are truly blessed.

And we are truly a pet family now... we had a literal party for our dog...

Oh boy.

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