Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lego Page Puzzle

I am amazed sometimes at the things I will do for my kids...

Not because I am a cool mom, but because I can't handle hearing the whining and screaming...

You have learned, by now, that Sister really gets her mind set on something and there is just no changing her ways.





Baby got to her favorite Lego book and shredded it to pieces. (Also something Sister used to do and still does sometimes.)

It took a while for me to find all the pieces that matched.

Not too bad:
 The great part was that after I took this picture, I found the missing two pieces!

I know, I know.

This alone gives me the "Awesomest Mom Ever" award...

OK, maybe I'll just be able to have peace from the screaming and incessant yelling.

Pure motivation.

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