Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New, Old and New Again

I have been lost in all the hubbub of everything going on these last few months and my brother, Daniel, lives so far away that I haven't even shared one of the most special announcements here on my blog!

I have a new nephew!!!

Meet my brother, Daniel's son...

we will call him Mr M, for now.

This little guy I have not even been able to see in person. Maybe that's part of the reason why I haven't posted about him yet... it's kind of tough knowing that I have only seen what you are seeing right now... pictures.

He is so precious and looks so much like Daniel (sorry Tynelle).

We get to see him on Facetime every so often so that is sweet, but not quite the same.

Maybe I am thinking more about this too because this Friday I will be at my Grandma Vivian's funeral wishing that Daniel could be there with us as we listen to what a wonderful lady she was, sing "Families Can Be Together Forever" with all our cousins, and just be able to see his new son at the same time we are thinking of the new life that my Grandma will have in Heaven.

Life is such an amazing miracle.

How it begins.

How it ends.

And all the stuff in between.

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Doug Larson said...

It is amazing!. I hope my stuff in between is really really long. And I hope that of my husband and kids is equally as long!

Doug Larson said...

This is Rochelle Not Doug, I guess he is logged in:)